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Jim Jakala

Jim Jakala

Voice Talent

Jim has “coined” the voice that is two-sided. On one side he has the most exciting, powerful, booming voice that is out there today! On the other side of the coin – Jim’s voice is as smooth as silk, voicing narration, corporate, and everyday guy reads.

Think of that amazing, gold Super Bowl coin tossed into the arena before the big game–no matter what side the coin lands on, you will have the voice guy that will win for you!

Jim is extremely experienced in the voiceover industry–his voice has been heard promoting events all around the world from Chile to Australia and the UK. And, of course, working nationally around the US is a norm for Jim!

Marti Jakala

Marti Jakala


“I just LOVE people! Most of my professional career has been in sales so you learn very quickly that true success means everyone wins. In helping others get exactly what they want, a good salesperson can achieve their goals as well. It’s amazing watching the incredible changes in the voiceover industry over the past few years and I am always thinking of new ways that these changes can benefit our current clients and the future ones as well. I am very fortunate to work with such an amazing voice talent and we would love the opportunity to work with you!”
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Marti Jakala
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